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A History of Fish and Fisheries of the River Thames

A History of Fish and Fisheries of the River Exe

Our Stream - The Story of the Ewelme/Benson Brook

A History of Fish and Fisheries of the River Thames

Due for Publication August 1st 2021

This book describes the history and development of fish stocks and fisheries of the river Thames, both historically for food and more recently for sport.  It is lavishly illustrated with old engravings and photographs, and contains a wealth of anecdotes and stories that will delight the angler, natural historian and fisheries professional alike.  The author is first a lifelong angler and second a fishery scientist and he draws on his long experience in both fields for the background and material for this book.

Hardback,  265 x 200 mm, 258 pages  ISBN 978-0-9574276-1-7.  Price £25

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A History of Fish and Fisheries of the River Exe

This book follows the history of the freshwater fish stocks of the River Exe, including salmon, trout, coarse fish and eels.  It examines the development of fisheries, both sport and commercial, their regulation and catches, and the people who have cared for them.  The book will be particularly relevant to Exe fishermen and those with an interest in the history of the river and area, but will also appeal to those with a more general interest in fish, fishing and fisheries.  It is illustrated with numerous etchings, drawings, photographs and maps, and contains a wealth of fascinating facts and anecdotes.

Paperback, A4, 132pp.  ISBN 978-0-9574276-0-0.   £16.95 including postage.

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What they said about this book

"This is a must for anyone who fishes the Exe or Barle or for anyone involved in the science of its environs.  As well as being a very good read it will be a reference book for many years to come: David Solomon is to be congratulated on this work". ''Fish the Exe" Newsletter, February 2013.

"Unusually for a scientist, he has an engaging writing style that ensures that this isn't an academic tome to file and forget.  My only gripe is that the book is an A4 paperback.  Its content, writing and subject are worthy of a more upmarket production."  "Classic Angling", March/April 2013.

Our Stream - The story of the Ewelme/Benson Brook

The Ewelme Brook is a small chalk stream just two miles long, flowing from the village of Ewelme in Oxfordshire to the Thames at Benson.  It is the reason for the existence of the village of Ewelme, and had played an important part in the local economy in terms of water supply for man and beast, watercress production, providing power for milling, and more. It is of high conservation interest, and makes a considerable contribution to the landscape through which it passes.

This book describes the stream and its place in the hydrogeology, landscape, history, rural economy, and ecology of its catchment. Although dealing just one small stream catchment many of the points covered are equally relevant to streams throughout Southern Britain, especially chalk streams.

The whole price paid for this book goes to four local non-profit organisations.

Paperback, A5, 82pp.

Available price £7 from:-

Ewelme Village Store, Parsons Lane, Ewelme, Wallingford, OX10 6HP.  Telephone 01491 834467

Derry’s Den, 26 High Street, Benson, Wallingford, OX10 6RP.  Telephone 01491 824152

Also available by post direct from the Author (£8 including postage).  Please email including your postal address and we will send you a pro-forma invoice, with BACS payment details.  As soon as payment is received we will dispatch the book to you.

What they said about this book

“This attractively-presented volume was undoubtedly a labour of love for its author.  As a (now retired) professional freshwater ecologist, an angler and a local resident whose home overlooks the Ewelme Brook, his credentials for writing it are indisputable.  The book is lavishly illustrated with photographs – I particularly liked the ones which allowed me to compare past and present scenes – and also includes many fascinating and colourful extracts from original sources.”   “Chiltern”, Issue 238, Winter 2020.